Troll Face Card Quest


Card battles using memes and trollfaces



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Troll Face Card Quest is a card duel game where, rather than using warriors, sorcerers, or giants to defeat your opponent, you can use memes. Yes, you heard it, those famous internet memes. We are talking about 'trollface', 'doge' and 'grumpy cat', among a whole host of others.

Gameplay in Troll Face Card Quest is somewhat simpler than that of other similar titles, such as Hearthstone or the Elder Scrolls: Legends. You can only have three cards on the table at one time, and you can only play one card at a time, regardless of how powerful that card is. You will however, need to pay close attention to synergy between cards, as many of them have unique determinants which make them stronger if played alongside others.

In Troll Face Card Quest there are more than 130 different cards, depicting some of the most famous memes on the internet. As you move ahead in your battles you can customize your deck of cards, although naturally, you need to collect new cards by gaining envelopes. The more cards you have, the better chance you have of winning.

Troll Face Card Quest is a card duel game aimed at everyone and anyone, but which will particularly appeal to those who are looking for a slightly simpler challenge than that of Hearthstone and other similar titles. As might be expected, you can compete against artificial intelligence or against other players online.

Android 4.2 or above required

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